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Draw and Write Through History, Rome to Reformation

We have been Draw and Write Through History successfully for two years.  These books are part of an art curriclum that is done independently, and pair perfectly with our Workbox Organization system.  My children's drawing skills have grown by leaps and bounds, and each lesson enhances the history concepts of Rome to Reformation.

Books Used
  1. Book 2- Draw and Write Through History: Greece and Rome 
  2. Book 3-The Vikings, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance
  3. Book 4- Pilgrims, Pirates, and Patriots (A.D. 1492 - A.D. 1781) (Book 4 is only used one this year, but will be used extensively next year during Exploration to 1850)


Week 12-Book 2 
Colosseum      45-50
Gladiators 51-57
Chariot Races 58-61

Week 18- Book 3
Viking Ship 6-8
Viking Longhouse 9-11

Week 20- Book 3 
You can spread these out over a few weeks, as you study knights and English feudal system.
Medieval Castle   14-17
Catapult 18-20
Knight 21-24
Dragon 26-29
Princess              30-33

Week 21- Book 3
Falcon 34-35
Robin Hood        36-37
Greyhound Dog 40-42

Week 22- Book 2
Great Wall of China  30-35
Hannibal/War Elephants 36-42

Week 23 -Book 3
The Samurai of Japan 45-49
Pagoda 50-53

Week 28- Book 4
The Nina                  6-9

Week 30- Book 3
Microscope Invented 60-62

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