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Story of my site's name

While this site is mostly about homeschooling, the title "LEADING THEM TO THE ROCK" is to remind me  that I AM NOT THE ROCK.  I can't save my kids.  Homeschooling can't save my kids. I can't save my broken-hearted family members, or my unsaved loved ones.  I can be there to weep with them as they weep.  I can rejoice with them as they rejoice.  I can loudly proclaim in Who I found healing, but I can not save them or place their feet upon The Rock.

Too many times in my life I have asked too much of people, or have allowed others to ask too much of me.  I grew up with a mentally ill mother and toxic family dynamics.  This type of childhood and teen years created unhealthy coping mechanisms, and I call myself a "Recovering Enabler" and "Recovering Emotional Fixer". The recovering part is to remind me I could always relapse if I don't keep my guard.

Many times I expected people to heal my heart in ways that were just unfair and unrealistic.  My poor husband married a young 19 year old girl who thought marriage would fix all those painful parts of my past. I have placed my husband, family members, and friends on pedestals of an idol, just to have them knocked off as they inevitably behave as a human with faults and flaws.

I also fell into the habit of trying to save people for most of my teens and early adulthood, because those people convinced me I could rescue them through co-dependency or enabling. Recently I spoke at a local moms group about the boundaries that God has taught me. The process of writing my Boundaries talk was very healing, because it allowed me to sit in deep awe at the growth and healing God has done in my heart over the past fifteen years. 

Be careful that you don't make others your Savior, or worse, try to be a Savior to others. 


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