Homeschool Valentine's Day- Games & Crafts

 This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. 
John 15:12

Who says you can't have a great valentine's day party in home-school?  Our day was a not a focus on romantic love, but on how God commands us to love one another.

Starting the day off with Pink Chocolate chip pancakes of course:)

Valentine Toss
I made a small Valentines Toss with Dixie cups taped to the bottom of a box (from Aldi), and pom-poms (from dollar store).  The older the child, the farther they have to throw. You can make it harder by awarding different points for each cup.

We also used this as another opportunity to extend a math concept from My Father's World, using tally marks. Each child got a turn to throw 3 pom poms, each pom pom that went in was a point. First one to 50 won the game. Or you can play multiple short games, first one to 10 wins.

Math Printables
Many of the acitivities invlove some math (tally marks, symmetry), but since since we were learning counting to 100 in Kindergarten, used printable "Hearts 100 Square".The same site had many other Valentine printable for all ages.


Mail letters to loved ones with trip to Post Office
Earlier in the week we made valentines for cousins and grandparents.  We used it as an opportunity to learn about our address, addressing a letter, and using post office. Make a mini field trip, and allow your children to purchase the stamps.

Sign Language Valentines 
The valentine below is example of the valentines we made.  Trace their hand, then look up how to say "I Love you" in ASL.

Symmetry Heart Art
Fold paper in half, and draw half of a heart.  Have children cut them out, then use those hearts to make art. I made a few examples for my kids to get their creative juices flowing.
*For older children, they can draw the half of the heart before cutting. 
*For younger children, cut the hearts out for them, but do it front of them to demonstrate the symmetry of the fold.

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